Anti-Corruption Laws Seminar

On 31st January, the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce along with the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce, Irish Chamber of Commerce as well as Spanish – Polish Chamber of Commerce organized the legal seminar with specialists from Domański Zakrzewski Palinka. The main topic of the seminar was focused on the new anti-corruption laws in Poland.

Over 20 representatives of companies were given a chance to acknowledged themselves with risks and duties to be faced by businesses from 2018. Discussion covered among others obligation to introduce internal anti-corruption and conflict of interest procedures, it was explained how to develop internal anti-corruption procedures: standards and best practices were also shared.The second part of the presentation gave an outlook on whistleblower protection by public prosecutors and mandatory whistleblowing procedures and how they should  be implemented and why it is worth doing it.

After giving answers on few questions raised from the floor, the participants could enjoy the networking atmosphere and light breakfast with a stunning Warsaw view from the 21st floor.