Elro van den Burg

Executive boardmember / Director

Executive boardmember of the Netherlands – Polish Chamber of Commerce.  Responsible for all daily activities of the Chamber since 2011 and Editor‐in‐chief of the Chambers’ magazine ‘Bulletin’.

Elro lives in Poland since 2002 and has nine years experiance as a freelance radio, television and newspaper correspondent in Poland, working for television (Twee Vandaag, Netwerk), radio (KRO, Vpro radio, Wereldomroep) and several newspapers and magazines (newsagency GPD, and Elsevier). Before establishing himself in Poland, he has worked 15 years as a radio-reporter in the Netherlands.

He has a very broad network built up over more than twenty years during his work as a professional journalist, reaching from political decision‐makers to business leaders, both in Poland and in the Netherlands. He combines a global mindset and working standards with local sensitivity and negotiating skills and speaks Polish fluently.