Challenges on the labour market Seminar

On April 19th, 2017, the Sofitel Hotel Wroclaw hosted an event about challenges on the labour market, led by three companies: consultancy company Dehora,  law firm ECOVIS and temporary employment agency KS Service . Such a mixture has resulted in many interesting insights in this topic and favorable opinions about the event. Approximately 30 attendances participated in the meeting, mainly from the HR and Manufacturing area mainly from the Lower Silesia Region.

Opening speech has been made by Mr. Piotr Pruś – Attorney-at-law and Partner in the International Law Firm ECOVIS. His presentation was focused  on the regulations concerning the employment of workers from Ukraine and amendments to these regulations. As a hitch, he aimed at rethinking the future of  workers coming from Ukraine, Piotr Pruś proposed a bold opportunity to employ workers from Vietnam. With the rapidly changing labor market and the shrinking number of workers from the eastern border, perhaps the decision to hire Vietnamese workers could be a milestone in future employment.

Another speaker was Mr. Arkadiusz Halama from the KS Service – temporary employment agency. He has brought many facts and hard evidence about the demographic development in Poland and current and long-term trends in the labour market. Mr. Halama stressed that in upcoming ten years, Poland will face huge problems in the field of workforce.

The conclusion of the meeting was the presentation of Mr. Lukasz Chodkowski from Dehora, which deals with the optimization of corporate working time. As the theme of his presentation, Mr. Chodkowski has chosen challenges for employers in the face of changes in the labour market. Preparing for the labour market changes we should not forget about delivering high quality working conditions including proper work-life balance in 24/7 system of work. This is absolutely a must if the company wants to attract the best specialists.

The final part of the event was a networking enriched by healthy snacks and delicious, freshly squeezed juices. Thank you again for such a great number of guests, fascinating presentations and comprehensive help in organising the meeting by the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Belgian Business Chamber.For those who didn’t manage to attend, please be inform  that the next edition of the event, will be in May in Poznan, which of course we very much encourage you!