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On 19th October the regional debate regarding the influence of Foreign Direct Investment in Pomeranian district took place in Gdynia and it was attended by over 60 guests representing various business sectors, municipal government and local business organisations.

The event was organised by 6 Chambers of Commerce; the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce, the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce , the Belgian Chamber of Commerce, the German Chamber of Commerce and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce. Bilateral Chambers of Commerce reflect the interests of diversified group of foreign investors present on the Polish market.

The results of the report were presented by Adam Czerniak, Chief Economist at Polityka Insight, who discussed the key theses of the reports, this time mainly including the perspective of Pomeranian area.

The panel debate was attended by representatives of local authorities and representatives of foreign investors in the region: Katarzyna Gruszecka-Spychala – Vice President of the City of Gdynia who underlined that ‘we all want to create Pomeranian area the best place to live and invest’, Alan Aleksandrowicz-Chairman of the Board at InvestGda who mentioned that ‘in last couple of years the inflow of FDI has accelarated rapdily in the Pomeranian region, what gives a chance to show a potential of this region’, Piotr Ciechowicz – Vice Chairman of the Pomerania Development Agency, Krzysztof Iwański – Personal Director Dovista.