Foreign Direct Investment Debate in Poznań

The next regional debate regarding the influence of Foreign Direct Investment in Greater Poland district was attended by 50 business guests coming from different regions of Poland.
The event was organised by 6 Chambers of Commerce representing diversified group of foreign investors in Poland.

The results of the report were presented by Adam Czerniak, Chief Economist at Polityka Insight, who discussed the key theses of the reports, mainly including the perspective of Greater Poland.

The panel debate was joined by representatives of local authorities and representatives of foreign investors in the regions: Mr. Andrzej Białas – Director of the Mayor’s Cabinet, Poznań City Hall, Mr. Jakub Jackowski – Deputy Director, Department of Economy – Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region, Mr. Michał Gosek – Associate Partner at Rödl & Partner, Mrs. Monika Tałałaj – Business Development Key Manager at Safege Poland and Mr. Jacek Siwiński – General Manager at VELUX Poland.
On behalf of organizers and Partners we thank audience for attending the meeting and we invite you to the next debates: in Kraków (8 June) and Gdańsk (5 October).