General Assembly and Business Drink

On 4th September the NPCC organised the Business Drink combined with the General Assembly 2018.

At the meeting, NPCC members could hear a lot about last year’s achievements, finances and events (over 90!), give their remarks and listen about the plans for the upcoming year. An important point of the assembly was election of new board members of NPCC and saying goodbye to those, who had left the board. We have welcomed Henri Viswat from Randstad, Tomasz Dudek from Otto Work Force and Danielle van den Broek from Unilever. Our goal in the near future is to focus more on the regions, such as Łódź, Poznań and Gdańsk. This is why we have welcomed also Krzysztof Korzeniak in the board – the new regional chairman responsible for Wielkopolska area.

After the official part, members and board could network and relax over the delicious Italian food and wine. At the meeting we could also discuss about our flagship event preparations, entering the final straight.