HR Seminar

Last Wednesday, May 16, we had a great pleasure of inviting our members to HR Seminar, which took place at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Warsaw. The representatives of 24/7Communication, Déhora, Randstad and Unilever, gave wonderful presentations about present and future reality of Human Resources.

The first part of the event was taken over by Randstad. The Regional Managing Director, Mr. Jeroen Tiel gave a brief presentation about the comparison of the artificial intelligence and the possibilities of a human brain. The second presentation was given by Mrs. Monika Hryniszyn, HR Director of Randstad Polska. The main topic of her speech were global trends of HR in 2018 and Polish state in this matter. The next speaker from Randstad was Mr. Marcin Sieńczyk, who drew attention to AI and robotics, and its influence on the talent economy.

Next part of the Seminar started with the presentation of Ben Jansen, CEO, Déhora, who gave an interesting speech about scheduling and workforce planning. The following issue – Employer Branding – was raised by Mrs. Marta Jechna and Mr. Paweł Modzelewski, 24/7Communication. The last speaker was Mrs. Sandra Lebik, who presented Unilever’s point of view on digital recruitment system.

We would like to thank all of the participants, speakers and co-organizers, and we are looking forward for the future cooperation!