Meeting with representatives of the Schwyz canton in Switzerland at the 5th Swiss-Polish Roundtable

The 5th Swiss-Polish Roundtable, organised by the canton of Schwyz and Switzerland Global Enterprise, the official Swiss agency for the promotion of exports and investments, took place on the sixth of November 2018 in Switzerland. The topic of the conference concerned the cross-border business in the digital era and the best practices among others in the health technology industry.

The Swiss-Polish Roundtable brings together companies from Poland and Switzerland to explore the possibilities of exchanging experiences, mutual inspiration in activities and establishing new partnerships. This event reaches business leaders mainly from ICT and the health technology industry. Key topics addressed during the 5th Swiss-Polish Roundtable included:

  • Digital operating models versus local representation – Mutually beneficial or exclusive?
  • Collaboration between teams in different countries – How to improve efficiency?
  • Expanding business ­– What to learn from Swiss and Polish best practice examples?
  • Blockchain – Is it the cross boarder business driver?


A blockchain is a decentralised and distributed database available in the open source model in a peer-to-peer (P2P) internet network without central computers and a centralised data storage location. It is used to post individual transactions, payments or accounting entries encoded using cryptographic algorithms. Blockchain is a public and public register that anyone can access.

BALAJCZA Linguistic Services, at the invitation of the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, of which it has been a member since 2013, took part in this conference. In addition to informative lectures and presentations, the meeting helped to establish contacts with Swiss companies from ICT and the health industry, as well as with Polish companies interested in operating on the Swiss market.