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    Anna Roskam
  • Area of Business:
    Consulting, Other services
  • Address:
    Jara 8 , 02-988 Warszawa
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Anna Roskam

I am supporting Dutch and other Western European companies in making their first steps into the Polish, Czech and Slovak markets. Starting with customised market research followed by commercial activities including logistic, marketing and legal support I act on the behalf of those companies as “their own” sales/export manager in CEE area. With more than 15 years of experience in mainly FMCG market, I successfully represented many big and small companies, placed their products in the retail and established long-term contracts within B2B.  The fact that I am acting as an employee of a company is the big factor to my and the company’s success. The companies gain not only highly qualified specialist in the foreign country but also fully equipped office, no unclear labor contract, social insurance nor taxes. Our cooperation is clear and simple and can last from 3 months to few years, depending when the company is ready/wants to act independently and directly.