• Company Name:
    Apollo Vredestein Opony Polska Sp.z o.o.
  • Area of Business:
    Automotive and retail industry, Manufacturing
  • Address:
    Prosta 32 , 00-838 Warszawa
  • Telephone Number:
    +48 22 886 81 00
  • Fax Number:
    +48 22 886 81 02
  • Company e-mail:
  • Website:

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Apollo Vredestein Opony Polska Sp.z o.o.

Apollo Vredestein is a young, ambitious and dynamic company that takes pride in its unique identity. Apollo Vredestein has its head office in Enschede and develops, produces and sells high-quality tyres under the brands Apollo and Vredestein.

We believe it is vital to continuously invest in our employees’ further development, as their quality and satisfaction ensures the continuation of a distinctive leading edge over our competitors.