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deVere Group


deVere Group is the world’s leading independent financial consultancy group, with more than 11 billion euros of funds under advice and administration, over 80,000 clients around the world and offices in 75 countries. We help international and local business people, and expatriates who have moved their families to Poland to live and work.

deVere Group offer fixed term deposits (for lump some investors), regular monthly saving plans (starting from as little as 300 euros per month), and pension transfers for people who have worked in the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands (to create a consolidated single tax efficient future pension fund)

All our investments grow Tax Free during the investment period (and include life assurance) due to being invested in tax efficient jurisdiction areas in Europe.

deVere Group have had an office in Warsaw since 2006, and offer coverage to all the major cities in Poland. deVere Group advisors are happy to meet with you in your offices (wherever you are in Poland) for a 45 minute, Free of charge personal financial planning meeting.