Orange goes Green – SDG Summit – SDG’s are here to stay!

At the premises of Unilever we held our Orange goes Green SDG Summit 2019 together with the organiser Unilever and partners Grupa Zywiec, IKEA and ING Bank Śląski.

With the event that took place on 13 June, the NPCC wanted to create more awareness on the topic of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and what this will mean in practice for our members. We listened to examples and best practices of the speakers. For instance there was an interesting take on reducing waste by Grupa Zywiec, that is putting a lot of effort in it for people to go and buy beer in reusable bottles. They showed the steps they have taken and the incentives they have created for people to buy more bottles.

Netherlands Ambassador Ron van Dartel held a speech on SDGs, how important they are to the Netherlands and how unlikely it is that this is a fashion thrill. SDG’s are here to stay. At the end of his speech the participants could sign a declaration to be more aware and make changes in their own environment. At the end of the event, the organisers decided to make this a recurring event and the next edition is planned for November.