Gdańsk is the capital of the Pomeranian province with the population nearing half a million. It is a large centre of economic life, science, culture, and a popular tourist destination. Laying on the Bay of Gdańsk and the southern cost of the Baltic Sea, the city has for ages played a major role in the economic relationships between Northern and Western Europe on the one hand, and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe on the other hand.

The city cultivates and develops its traditional economic branches, such as marine, shipping, petrochemical, chemical and food industries. However it’s becoming more and more important partner to companies dealing with new technologies, electronics, telecommunications, IT technology and even cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

And of course, Gdańsk is well known of the trade and processing of one of the greatest treasures of the Pomeranian province – amber.

Investment opportunities:

  • strategically located at the crossing of major transit routes and plays the function of a large transport and cargo handling node
  • offers well-developed business infrastructure, rich research, technical, and advisory backup, and highly educated human resources
  • the city owns extensive land available for investments and sites designated for development, including buildings of historic status
  • modern international airport and two ferry terminals