About Szlachetna Paczka – Paczka Lekarzy

The aim of the project Paczka Lekarzy is to help a member of families, affected by illness or disability, to overcome the medical problem that stands as a barrier to their normal functioning in a society.

The doctor can also be considered as a guide for the family to search out where the family can seek for help.

The vision of help:

  • To make the family and the doctor feel comfortable, the person who introduces the situation will be a volunteer of SZLACHETNA PACZKA – guardian of the family, who is already in touch with the doctor.
  • Depending on the difficulty level of the disease/illness/discomfort and willingness of both parties, cooperation may take a long time.
  • The first meeting with the family doctor should take place at the family home, to minimize the sense of shame and help the family to become open to the doctor.
  • At the meeting the doctor will not only get to know about the history of the medical journey, but will also diagnose if he or she is able to help and to break through their barriers. At the first meeting, the relationship is based on trust and understanding.

Ideas to help:

  • Educate family members – how to take care of the person with a particular health problem. To teach them how to live healthy.
  • Talk with a psychologist, especially for families suffering from illness, disability within the family.
  • Free access to a specialist.
  • Explain the diagnosis.
  • Indicate the family of possible solutions – to explain where the family can go, which researches they can do and to discuss what kind of possibilities the family has.


„After leaving of her husband, Mrs. Edyata became depressed. She was referring to a psychiatrist who helped her to get out of this depression. In addition, Mrs. Edyta was left alone with three children. She was searching for many different ways to find help to maintain her children. After discovering his oldest son’s cyst, he was healed by public outpatient clinics and used the help of a volunteer, the volunteer also helped him to study. Mrs. Edyta contacted a private doctor for a treatment on Lyme Disease, who has agreed to give a pro bono treatment.”   –  Family that received help from SZLACHETNA PACZKA