About the venue of the Orange Ball 2017

The Orange Ball 2017 will take place at a great venue Mińska 65, opposite the SOHO Factory. Get to know more about the rich history of this inspiring venue!

The history of Mińska 65
Mińska 65 is a former printing house that also closely relates to the history of the Polish automotive industry. Before the Polish-Bolshevik war, the building served as a factory where CWS T-1 cars were produced. Please see a picture of the CWST-1 car below.

carDuring the World War ll the factory buildings were completely destroyed. The only traces were the tracks of the railway siding. The printing house was housed in specially designed buildings in the corner of the MInska and Chodakowska streets in 1950. Then the printing house consisted of two buildings: a production pavilion and an 8-storey office building.
The launching of the production took place on November 7, and was directly related to the naming of the ‘October Revolution’. The printing house was equipped with a modern machine park, the most of it was focused on Soviet production, from the very beginning specialized in the printing of scientific, technical and multicolored publications.
The whole process of production from assembly to packaging took place in the printing house, in clean and well ventilated halls. In the 1950’s, the printing house was exporting to Pergamon press, an Oxford-based publishing house, Sweden, West-German and Finland.

In 1974, the printing house employed around 1,200 people and included a medical outpatient clinic and a kindergarten.In 1990, the printing house was commercialized. During this time, many of the machines that have been used for many years were replaced by new, high-performance production equipment. In 2004, the quality management system has been implemented. The waste register system was also introduced in line with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act. In 2005, the company was incorporated into the structure of the Pap SA, Polish Press Agency. A PAP SA authority announces plans to build a state-of-the-art printing plant in Poland, which is based on modern machinery, efficient management and experienced crews within 3 years.

The printing house was functioning until 2012 and the printer’s stock is currently sold. The former office building serves as a residential building for former employees. Halls and warehouses are rented to various external entities. Today the building of former printing house is considered as one of the most hipster and fancy venues on the map of Warsaw.

The Orange Ball 2017 will take in the biggest hall of the printing house:

venue minska