28 Lis 2019:
Deloitte: Marketing Directors facing new challenges | conference

NPCC, together with Deloitte and two other bilateral Chambers of Commerce, cordially invite all members  to participate in the meeting on the future of CMO / marketing director and his role in the organization. During the next meeting together with our guests we will look for answers to such important questions:

– How should CMO prepare to face the main challenges in the organization?

– What tools should CMO use to show the results of their work more easily and efficiently?

– How to strengthen the cooperation between marketing, management and sales?

– How to improve processes in the organization?

– How to build effective marketing department?

– How to manage knowledge about the consumer and where to get inspiration?

Thursday, November 28, 2019
9.00-12.30 hrs.
al. Jana Pawła II 22, Warsaw

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The meeting will be held in Polish!