08 Jun 2020:
Water retention in Poland – webtalk with Polityka Insight

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Poland and Polityka Insight are happy to invite to a webinar on the Polish plans to improve water retention in the short, medium and long term, with special focus on the Drought Prevention Plan 2021-2027.


– Kopczyńska Joanna, Deputy President of the Polish Waters, Water Environmental Management

– Prof. Artur Magnuszewski, Head of Hydrology Department, Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, University of Warsaw

– Mr. Piotr Czarnocki, Head of Department, Ministry of Climate

Moderator: Robert Tomaszewski, Polityka Insight’s Senior Analyst

To register please e-mail: wydarzenia@politykainsight.pl

The event will be held in English.

The meeting will be held via Cisco Webex platform. You can participate via computer, mobile app or phone.