02 Jun 2020:
Q&A Round Table with Exact

Q&A Session 

Tuesday, June 2, 15.00

Main Speakers: Izabela Górecka-Olejniczak, Senior Business Consultant; Dominik Szafrański, Senior Sales Executive, Exact

Topic: All your documentation inaccessible at the office? Time to digitize.

After a few weeks of working from home, meetings were replaced by video calls and the coffee maker conversation by the whatsapp group. The last hurdle you have to overcome is all those prints. They have always provided extra work, but now that almost everyone is working at home, it suddenly becomes even more complicated. You no longer easily throw an invoice at your colleague’s desk. Time to start invoicing completely digitally!

During the webinar, we will present you an IT solution to improve the traditional invoice flow. We’ll share our experience in modeling and digitizing the document flow process.

Webinar is a part of “Nutrition for your resilience” series for those who believe that challenging times always offer opportunities. In this inspiration webinars from Exact we provide tips and inspiration that feed your resilience.


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