30 Jun 2020:
Q&A Round Table with Dehora

Q&A Session 

Tuesday, June 30, 15.00

Topic: Business conflict in times of COVID-19? Try mediation first!


Main speaker: Paweł P. Mlicki, Ph. D., Senior Consultant and Mediator, Dehora


Commercial activities and conflict are inherently interconnected. When parties cannot resolve a conflict by themselves, the case frequently escalates to the court. And often, when after lengthy and costly legal proceedings a judgement is announced, it leaves one and sometimes both parties deeply dissatisfied. There is, however, a powerful alternative – mediation. This webinar will show many advantages of this conflict resolution mechanism and – hopefully – encourage you to always try if first.

Paweł P. Mlicki, PhD, has been mediator since 2014. He is registered as a regular mediator at the district Court of Warsaw and specialises in business conflict resolution. P.P. Mlicki has years long experience as board member (including the NPCC), supervisory board member, and researcher and lecturer at European universities and public institutions.

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