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The purpose of the matchmaking service is to bring your company into contact with potential local partners giving you additionally ample opportunity for knowledge transfer and market research.

As an independent member organization of the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce is the appropriate institution to guide companies in their efforts to set up operations in Poland or expand. With nearly 20 year experience in Poland and our three branches in Warsaw, Poznan and Łódź, the NPCC is an eminently experienced partner to provide companies with advice on business and finding partners in the country.

We have a remarkable network among companies and entrepreneurs in Poland. Besides this, the NPCC is part of the International Group of Chambers of Commerce (IGCC). This group represents an aggregate number of 2,000 foreign companies.

The experience in such projects in combination of the extensive and qualitative network of the NPCC are two factors that make our work highly efficient.


The project team for the matchmaking in Poland is headed by the director of the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce – Elro van den Burg. The project team also includes one project manager and an assistant.


  1. Good understanding of the needs of our client is critical to the success of the matchmaking – intake.
    After signing a contract and prior to the start of work, our client is asked to fill in a form and is being interviewed by the NPCC. The aim is to get a good picture of the business, purpose and expectations of the visit and a profile of requirements for potential partners in Poland.
  2. Partner search
    Based on the information obtained from the intake and the experience of the NPCC in the various sectors, the partner search is performed. This phase can be divided into:

    • Preparing a long list of partners that meet criteria and requirements listed in the intake form.
    • Selection of parties: the client is asked to analyze the long list and make a selection of approximately 20 of them that are potentially most suitable.
    • Approaching the chosen parties to present a client’s company profile and product brochure in order to establish a definitive interest in an appointment with our client; we guarantee a total of 6 meetings with Polish parties indicated by our client.

If the partner search proves that there are not enough interesting or interested partners in Poland, we will communicate this as soon as possible; our client will get a clear view on the market situation.


Our fee is based on the number of working hours required for the organization of matchmaking meetings and is divided into installments. The costs of interpretation and individual transportation to the appointments is borne separately by the client.


Comments from some of our satisfied clients:

TCE GoFour: “This mission Poland taught me to go directly to the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in each country.”

Van der Leur Bakery: “The quality and the number of meetings were very good and as a result we have decided to upscale our activities in Poland.”

Hanse Steel Construction: “The matchmaking projects are very useful for starting up activity in a country where you have never been before. Our compliments to the matchmaking team.”