• Company Name:
    EBI Systems Sp. z o.o.
  • Area of Business:
    Accounting/ Audit
  • Address:
    Kochanowskiego 8A/21 , 01-675 Warsaw
  • Telephone Number:
    +48 22 120 20 01
  • Company e-mail:

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EBI Systems Sp. z o.o.

EBI24 is a multifunctional system for managing documents in your company. It connects business and accounts by creating a global network of cooperation. The ability to integrate with accounting systems makes EBI24 an effective tool to optimise costs and time in an enterprise.

We support companies in the following areas:

  1. issuing e-invoices and other documents
  2. electronic document management by assigning them to specific projects
  3. providing different levels of permissions depending on needs
  4. electronic archiving of documents – in a clear, orderly manner which ensures they can be retrieved quickly.