Discipline Media Group

Discipline Media Group is one of the leading digital agency’s in Poland.

Our wide range of services include: Strategic advice, Websites and apps, Website management, Mobile, User interface design, Internet campaign tools, Social Media as well as SEM and SEO. Daily we help our clients to create enriched content to gather more audience.

As a true NPCC supporter we would like to make a special offer to all the members of the chamber. Any of the registered members can inquire about their own discount with us ranging from 15% up to 30% depending on the scale and timing of the service.

You can find out more about member 2 member offer in our dedicated service at http://nlchamber.discipline.pl . All interested members please fill out the contact form and enter NPCC special code for discount: NPCC15DMG
Contact directly: Piotr Gajewski at piotr@discipline.pl
or by phone: + 48 502 200 170

* SEO and SEM campaigns will be reviewed separately, and do not apply for direct discount .