NPCC Member Incentive Program


What Is It?

The NPCC Member Incentive Program (NMIP) offers the opportunity to share many benefits of your membership with non-member companies. Simply reach out to your network and encourage fellow businesses to become a member and in turn, the NPCC will reward your efforts.

How the Program Works

  1. Your discount is only valid after receipt of contribution for the year.
  2. „Leads” do not count toward the incentive program. You must bring in valid new companies that are ready to commit to membership.
  3. The new member can apply by filling out a PDF application, and must include the referring company’s name and contact information on the application in order for the referring company to receive credit.
  4. This program is valid from 01-12-2015 until 01-06-2016.
  5. The discount will be capped at ten (10) new members per company per year.
  6. Discount applies only for new members in the same category or higher.