New restrictions against COVID-19 pandemic in Poland imposed as of 1.04.2020

Poland brings in new restrictions in battle against coronavirus


Poland has ramped up its battle against the Coronavirus pandemic in Poland. Below you can find the restrictions imposed by the government as of 01-04-2020.

  • maintain at least 2 metres of social distancing, even while walking. This also applies to families, however minors (under 13 years of age), people with disabilities and elderly are not bound by this prerogative.
  • entries to parks, parkways and squares, or other areas dedicated to recreational activities have been closed off.
  • minors under 18 cannot leave home unattended by an adult
  • city bike shares banned from operation
  • all beauty salons, service centres, hair salons, rehabilitation and massage centres and tattoo parlours will be closed. You cannot order these services to be done at home
  • there can stay maximum three people per one cash register in a shop Ten cash registers in a shop means 30 people can shop there at the same time
  • two people per one serving clerk in the post office
  • three people per stand in fairs and marketplaces
  • you will be required to wear disposable gloves prior to entering the shop
  • all DIY centres closed on weekends
  • pharmacies, grocery stores and drugstores will remain open, except that between 10 am and 12 am they will only be open for persons over 65 years of age
  • hotels and other tourist accommodation will be closed, with the exception of buildings that are intended for quarantine. This ban starts on 2 April, until then all guests must check out
  • employees must maintain at least 1.5 m distance between their work sites
  • the quarantine formula will be extended. People starting their quarantine today will be required to be completely isolated from others, including immediate family. If you are quarantined at home, all the other residents will also have to be quarantined
  • private carriers, e.g. buses, will be required to follow the same rules as public transport – the maximum number of passengers in a vehicle will be equal to 50% of the seats available in a vehicle
  • at service points and petrol stations employees will be required to disinfect the counter and e.g. the payment terminal after it has been used by a customer
  • rehabilitation treatments have been cancelled
  • transportation in private vehicles is possible, but there must be a specific purpose for this transportation, there is no restriction regarding the number of people travelling in the car
  • you can leave home, alone, for a short walk, to get some air or walk your dog. No outdoor sports are recommended

Restrictions have been in force since midnight today, violation of the prohibitions or failure to comply with the prerogatives may result in a fine of up to PLN 30,000. Restrictions related to companies and hotels apply from Thursday. More police officers will patrol the streets.

Coronavirus pandemic in Poland. Former restrictions and constraints since 24 March

  • all playgrounds closed
  • no more than two people should walk along the street (this restriction does not apply to families, however)
  • you can leave your house to attend a person in need, for example deliver food or medicine
  • restrictions in public transport – you can only take 50% of seats available in a vehicle, no standing places
  • up to five people will be able to attend masses and funerals, excluding the priest
  • persons returning from abroad will have to be quarantined for 14 days upon arrival in Poland
  • “non-essential” gatherings may result in being fined of up to PLN 5,000, and the army will assist police in appropriate verification
  • the restrictions apply from today (24 March) to 11 April
  • the legal basis for the introduction of today’s prerogatives is the Act on Infectious Diseases

Please remember that the following restrictions have been in force since March 13:

  • Poland banned foreigners from entering the country
  • foreigners working or living in Poland will be able to cross the border to Poland, but will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine
  • Polish citizens must be quarantined for 14 days upon returning to Poland
  • road border crossings for Poles returning home are open, however strict procedures have been introduced for the those crossing the borders
  • these restrictions do not apply to people living in borderland areas, but working abroad, as well as truck drivers
  • rules on car traffic in the country have not been changed
  • shopping malls work in limited scope grocery shops, drugstores, dry cleaning and laundry as well as pharmacies are operating normally and the remaining facilities are closed
  • international air and rail services have been suspended. Freight traffic will continue
  • international charter flights will be operating (Polish citizens are returning home from vacations abroad)
  • gatherings or events over 50 people are prohibited
  • these restrictions apply to all types of ceremonies such as private, public, religious, local or administrative
  • all bars, restaurants, pubs, casinos and other entertainment venues have been closed. Restaurants can however provide take-out food for delivery