Round Tables in response to coronavirus



The global pandemic outbreak of the coronavirus has a huge impact on businesses of any size. Entrepreneurs are faced with questions that they have never experienced before. It is a given that many will lose a lot of money, and need to restructure their firms, at least for the short term. For many companies the business will bounce back, so they need to be able to guarantee quality when business will return in a few months. It is important to understand what issues other companies are facing, to be better prepared yourself and to support each-other with your knowledge.

In view of this, the NPCC, together with the Netherlands Embassy in Poland, since 24 March is organising online Round Tables in the form of group video meetings. The objective of the group call is to hear advice from a top specialist and to share experiences with others on topics that are relevant for entrepreneurs in Poland.

The working language is English.


Q&A Session 

Thursday, July 9, 15.00

Topic: Transforming the way the world negotiates

Main speaker:

We present to you a round table with our member company Scotwork Poland, a negotiation training company. During the online meeting, Scotwork’s negotiation experts share real-world experiences of gaining more valuable deals, resolving conflicts faster, strengthening relationships, and create a dealmaking culture that produces consistent results.

Join us if you want to hear powerful ways you can improve your negotiation skills.


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If you wish to see the presentations used during previous webinars, please follow this link.