Located in the centre of Poland, the Łódzkie region boasts a long tradition of clothing and textile production.

Nowadays, the most important industries in the region are energy, food processing and beverages, household appliances, construction materials as well as the production of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

Nearly 70 percent of the domestic production of ceramic tiles and terracotta is carried out in the Łódzkie region. Currently the region is expanding rapidly into other branches, including finance, R&D, outsourcing services (BPO/SSC business process outsourcing, shared service centre) and biotechnology. Indeed, that Europe’s largest industrial cluster producing household appliances was developed in the region.

Investment opportunities

  • the region’s location is convenient for transport: placed right at the junction of two motorways A1 & A2 – corridors, North-South, and East-West, which facilitates access to both EU markets and those of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine owing to the new railway connection Lodz – Chengdu in China. Already today the logistic centers are operating around Lodz, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Piotrkow Trybunalski, Kutno, Strykow and Zgierz.
  • The city of Łodz has its own passenger airport, handling domestic and international flights, among others to Amsterdam. The future of Łodz is also closely related to intermodal transport, which shall also utilize the Lodz – Olechów container terminal. A fast railway line to Warsaw provides Lodz with a better link to the international fast rail transport.
  • With numerous institutions of higher and professional education turning out highly trained prospective employees, the region offers qualified and committed workforce;
  • The region’s major city, Lodz, boasts well-developed industrial infrastructure.
  • With its rich deposits of lignite, the region is Poland’s second (after Silesia) largest energy producer, and boasts a surplus of affordable energy.
  • Universities and research centres in Lodz are among Poland’s major players in terms of research and development.
  • Geothermal resources provide the great opportunity to produce renewable energy and develop spas (the Thermal Spa UNIEJÓW is a kind of good practice of interregional cooperation with Austrian partners).
  • The regional government’s proactive economic policy aims to develop administration which is friendly for small and medium businesses, and encourages to create attractive employment conditions.
  • Lucrative investment offers for investors in 45 subzones of the Lodz Special Economic Zone, which has already attracted more than 230 companies, including Dell, Procter & Gamble, Fujitsu Services, Gillette, Bosch – Siemens, Indesit.
  • Effective and resourceful business partners. Apart from big businesses, the area boasts numerous small and medium businesses that specialise in industrial processing, and various crafts and services. Hence each investor is spoilt for choice when it comes to the region’s innovative suppliers, buyers and business partners.

Sectors with huge potential

  • Modern textiles and fashion (including design);
  • Advanced building materials;
  • Medicine, pharmacy, cosmetics;
  • Energy, including renewable energy sources;
  • Innovative agriculture and food processing;
  • Information technology and telecommunications
  • Mechatronics

Łódź Committee office:

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