The Netherlands

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After many years of partnering to support Dutch companies doing business in Poland, the Netherlands Polish Council for Trade Promotion (NPCH) and the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce (NPCC) have mergered their activities into one organisation. As a result a new Chapter of NPCC in The Netherlands has been established.

The Netherlands and Poland enjoy close economic connections. There are about 2,500 enterprises operating in the Polish market with Dutch shareholding that are employing over 120,000 people in Poland. The Netherlands is the 1st largest investor in Poland with in total € 30,3 billion invested end of 2015. In 2016 the Netherlands exported €10,6 billion to and imported €7,8 billion from Poland. The growth in this volume continues to be very interesting. Due to the changed political context, it is important to intensify the relationship with stakeholders in both countries that can influence the business climate in Poland.

 The landscape for international trade and trade relations in the Netherlands is changing. Dutch government as well as organisations in the private sector led by VNO-NCW / MKB Nederland are investing to improve the public-private cooperation on promoting foreign trade and investments.

In order to become a stronger partner in this changing landscape, it is important for the new merged organisation to have a well-connected foothold in the Netherlands with effective contacts within these public and private sector organisations next to an active organisation in Poland that is able to open doors locally for companies from the Netherlands.  Therefore, in 2016, the NPCC and NPCH started to investigate the possibility of a stronger cooperation and this resulted in the current merger. The new organisation will focus on supporting Dutch companies active in Poland. At the same time, the chamber is open for strong cooperation with other players in the field of Dutch-Polish relations.

On 30 October The Chapter in the Netherlands organised its first event, a Dutch-Polish forum which took place at the premises of the ING in the Netherlands.