Study trips


Take part in our study trips to Poland

This year the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce is organising two study trips to Warsaw for Dutch entrepreneurs and businesses who want to explore their opportunities in the Polish market.

It is expected that the economy in Poland will grow by 3.7% in 2016. And with its large internal market, low unemployment rate and being a springboard for further exports to the East, Poland is looking in particular for foreign companies that will strengthen the knowledge-based economy.

Fact-finding mission

Our fact-finding missions are not only designated for new exporters who need a first introduction to the Polish market to learn how to prepare before entering the market, but also for companies wishing to expand their existing business activities and who want to look at the feasibility of such a project.


During the two-day study trips, you will get first-hand information from Dutch and Polish speakers about culture differences, important legal aspects, ways of finding business partners as well as tips on approaching your market. There is a network meeting planned in the evening with around 40 Dutch entrepreneurs who are already successful in the Polish market. During a session at the Ministry of Regional Development / Economic Issues, you will be fully updated on the needs in the knowledge-intensive companies sector.

After these sessions, you will have knowledge about the ‘do’s and don’ts’ in Poland, and you will have extensive capabilities to test the feasibility of your plans as well as having a good overview of the needs of the Polish market. Unfortunately, no more than 15 companies can participate in the trip. Do not hesitate and sign up now. The costs shouldn’t be the reason to turn this offer down.


The organisational cost of the mission is €1500. This includes air travel, meals, accommodation and transportation within Poland. Companies that are active for the first time in a foreign market (starters) can apply for partial reimbursement of these costs in the form of a voucher worth up to €1500, which is available through RVO.

Contact our office to show your interest and to be informed about the upcoming study trips.