Vesta supports healthcare workers!


Ever since February 2020 we have been living in a new reality – COVID-19 reality. Healthcare workers, the whole society – we are all fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Despite many fundraisers and charity events, there is a shortage of medical supplies or personal protection equipment even the most basic type.

It is also the time of trial for our organization. We keep witnessing major changes in the transport sector, we ask our office personnel to work from home and we provide our drivers with all necessary protection they need. The current situation is forcing us to introduce new procedures and implement them immediately in our daily work. In spite of all those changes, on the initiative of our employees we responded to two calls to action aimed at supporting healthcare workers. We send and deliver disinfectants, face masks, gloves and protective aprons to those on the pandemic front lines. We are well aware that it is still a drop in the ocean. However, we hope that with such gestures companies and citizens will support the overburdened healthcare system.

In March the University Hospital in Kraków asked companies for help and delivery of medical supplies. You can learn more about the initiative using the hashtag #grunwald2020. This was the first call to action to which we responded in order to support Polish healthcare workers. And it makes us extremely proud, because we managed to channel funds and supplies to help the cause despite indications of many problems in our industry.

In May 2020 Vesta Polska and Symlog responded to a call to action initiated by the Independent Public Children’s Hospital in Warsaw concerning the same problem: lack of disinfectants and hygiene products. Our team collected much-needed supplies and delivered them personally. The gratitude of healthcare workers and smiles on their faces are simply priceless.

We consider this crisis to be a valuable lesson in solidarity and humility. We feel the need to fight, like never before, for a common cause: our health.